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gSource is committed to putting the finest instruments into the
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gPunch, Spurling Kerrison


gPunch, Spurling Kerrison, Forward,
Regular Foot Plate gS 70.6302 - gS 70.6306

Useful in facilitating a discectomy in anterior
lumbar fusion and non-fusion procedures.
Features include:

• 13" shaft with forward angled foot plate.

• 2mm, 4mm and 6mm bite sizes

• bone ejector incorporated into the design

• Ferris-Smith-Kerrison handle

• Made from German stainless steel

We will create custom instruments in a timely
and economical manner. For a quote and an
accurate delivery schedule, send us a
drawing, sketch or sample. Please email
Rob Suric at for more

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For more information contact:
Rob Suric, Global Sales Manager OEM
gSource, LLC, 19 Bland Street, Emerson, NJ 07630


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New Instruments

gSilicone Steinmann Pin Chuck
(gS 82.4734)

gS 82.4734

Useful for insertion and removal of steinmann pins. Separate chuck key included. Biocompatible silicone handle helps to prevent slippage and provide a secure grip.

• Overall length 4"

• 4.0mm cannulation max cap

• 7.0mm chuck max cap

• Made from German stainless steel

For more information, visit our website. Instruments can be customized
according to your specifications.

Company News

gSource ISO 13485:2016 Recertification

gSource is proud to announce the
achievement of recertification to the
2016 revision of ISO 13485. The
Certificate of Registration was awarded
by the British Standards Institute (BSI).
For a copy of the Certificate, visit our

Happy New Year 2019
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