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Universal Rod Bender

Rod bender

Universal Rod Bender with silicone inserts
gS 82.7695:

• Bends rods up to 4.5mm with three different
  cam settings.

• Separate reduction ring not required.

• Adjustable center cam is spring loaded.

• Made from German stainless steel with grooved
  biocompatible silicone inserts on handles.

Instruments can be customized according to
your specifications. For a quote, please email
Rob Suric at

Trade Shows
Eurospine 2018

 Eurospine 2018
 Barcelona International Convention Center
 gSource Booth 28B      Sept 19-21, 2018

Eurospine 2018

 NASS 33rd Annual Meeting
 Los Angeles Convention Center
 gSource Booth 1734      Sept 26-28, 2018

For more information contact:
Rob Suric, OEM Business Specialist
gSource, LLC, 19 Bland Street, Emerson, NJ 07630


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New Instruments

Hercules Cutters

gS 83.7850 gS 83.7850

Hercules Cutters features include:

• Strong, lightweight double action
  design requires 40% less force to cut
  wires and pins than other double action

• Titanium Nitride (TiN) coated tungsten
  carbide (TC) inserts are harder and last
  longer than regular tungsten carbide.

• Silicone inserts hold remnant wire
  securely, helping to prevent flying pieces.

TiN TC jaws with silicone inserts:
83.7850    5 3/4", max cap 1.6mm [.062"]
83.7870    7", max cap 2.2mm [.087"]
83.7900    9", max cap 3.0mm [.118"]

TC jaws with silicone inserts:
83.7880    7", front and side cutter,
                 max cap 1.6mm [.062"]
83.7903    9", max cap 3.0mm [.118"]
                 Ti Alloy pins
83.7905    9", narrow jaws,
                 max cap 3.0mm [.118"]
                 Ti Alloy pins
83.7911    11", max cap 2.5mm-3.5mm

View our Hercules Cutters and contact
us for a quote or for samples.

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