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news from gSource     Dec 2015         issue 4         vol 4
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Our Mission
gSource is committed to putting the finest instruments into the
hands of surgeons and their teams.
Custom Instruments
Spine Instruments

View our Custom Instruments
featuring a selection of:

• Benders

• Cutters

• Holders

• Measuring devices

• Spreaders

Custom forged or machined
instruments are manufactured
according to your drawings
and specifications.

We will create custom instruments in a timely and economical
manner. For a quote and an accurate delivery schedule, send
us a drawing, sketch or sample. Please email Rob Suric at
rs@gSource.com for more information.

NASS 2015
gSource Booth 2447          Orlando, FL           March 2-4, 2016
For more information contact:
Rob Suric, OEM Business Specialist
gSource, LLC, 19 Bland Street, Emerson, NJ 07630



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gS newsletter issue 4 Dec 2015 vol 4
New Instruments

Cannulated Twist Drills
gS 86.8620 - gS 86.8645

Cannulated drill bits are
precision ground and heat
treated for sharp, sure cutting

• Overall length 5"

• 4 flute design

• Round drill chuck end will fit
  any Jacobs chuck.

• Designed to fit universal
  chuck gS 82.0020,
  gS 82.0030 and gS 82.4740.

• Made from German
  stainless steel.

Spine Instruments  
   gS # OD Max
  86.8620 2.0mm 1.2mm 25mm  
  86.8627 2.7mm 1.3mm 25mm  
  86.8635 3.5mm 1.8mm 35mm  
  86.8640 4.0mm 2.0mm 35mm  
  86.8645 4.5mm 2.1mm 40mm  

For more instruments used in fracture
and fragment fixation, view our brochure.

Drills can be customized according to
your specifications.

Happy New Year!
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