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Our Mission
gSource is committed to putting the finest instruments into the
hands of surgeons and their teams.
Fracture Management and Fixation

Fixation Set View our updated Instruments
for Fracture and Fragment
Fixation brochure
with a wide
selection of instruments found
in mini, small and large
fragment sets, as well as a
pelvic set.

New instruments include:

•  gForceps for bone holding

•  gDistractors

•  Burrs

•  Hercules Cutters

•  Titanium K-Wires

We offer competitive pricing as well as the ability to
customize according to your specifications. For a quote,
please email Rob Suric at

AAOS 2018
gSource Booth 3440       New Orleans, LA      March 7-9, 2018

For more information contact:
Rob Suric, OEM Business Specialist
gSource, LLC, 19 Bland Street, Emerson, NJ 07630



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New Instruments

Universal Pin Puller - gS 82.0230

gS 82.0230

Helps to provide stability and control
when inserting or extracting pins during

•  Overall length 5 1/2"

•  Holds 1.5mm-3.5mm diameter pins

•  Grip handle helps prevent slippage and
   provide better leverage.

•  Made from German stainless steel

For more information, visit our website.
Instruments can be customized according
to your specifications.

Company News

CE Mark Certificate Received

gSource has received CE marking
approval for Class I Reusable Handheld
Surgical Instruments. The CE Mark
certifies that the instruments meet the
strict EU standards of manufacturing and
quality control in accordance with the
European Communities Council Directive

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