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news from gSource     June 2016       issue 2      vol 5
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Our Mission
gSource is committed to putting the finest instruments into the
hands of surgeons and their teams.
gClamp, Bone Fragment

Clamp down and hold small bone with our gClamp!

Features include: gClamp

• Pointed-ball tips to help
  prevent penetration of bone.

• Speedlock allows for quick
  tightening and release.

• Made from surgical stainless

gS 47.6020  5 1/2"
gS 47.6030  6 1/2"
gS 47.6040  8"

We offer competitive pricing
as well as the ability to
customize according to your
specifications. Plan to visit
booth 127 at OMTEC to see
the gClamp. For a quote,
please email Rob Suric at

OMTEC 2016
gSource Booth 127           Rosemont, IL           June 15-16, 2016

For more information contact:
Rob Suric, OEM Business Specialist
gSource, LLC, 19 Bland Street, Emerson, NJ 07630


(800) 978-1119
(201) 599-2277
(201) 599-3306
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gS newsletter issue 2 June 2016 vol 5
New Instruments

Tabletop Rod Cutter - gS 83.9905

 gS 83.9905

• Provides sturdy and accurate cutting for
  up to 6.35mm [1/4"] diameter rods.

• Rods are sheared, leaving a smooth and
  clean surface.

• Locking, collapsible handle extends to
  provide increased leverage for cutting.

• Rod diameter holes are clearly marked.

• Made from surgical stainless steel.

Please contact us for a quote or for

Company News

3D Printing now available from gSource

3D print gSource now
has 3D printing
capability! The
3D printer has
the ability to
take a digital
3D model and
transform it
into a physical
3D model made
of ABS plastic in
a fast and cost-effective manner. This is most useful for rapid prototyping and design validation in order to help reduce your development costs and timelines. Please contact us for more information.

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