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When you need quality instrumentation at affordable prices, turn to gSource — your go-to surgicals shop. We are a reliable industry partner with over 20 years of experience providing surgical supplies. As a surgical tool seller, we have built partnerships with heritage German suppliers and other accredited and certified suppliers.

Our selection includes thousands of specialty tools. These tools include drill bitselevatorsgraspersmallets, pliers, spinal punches, and much more. We also offer a single-use line with 25 general surgery instruments individually packaged, sterilized and ready to use. Our primary market is orthopedic and spinal disciplines, but we also serve a range of additional specialties. At gSource, we provide global sourcing for a global market to meet hospital and surgery center medical supply needs. Browse our instrument categories to find surgical tools for your discipline.

20+ Years Of Experience

Who We Are

gSource is a reliable source for high-quality instrumentation crafted from German surgical stainless steel or machined from U.S. surgical stainless steel. We provide superior instrumentation in a time-critical fashion and at competitive prices. We operate from an extensive network of accredited and certified suppliers, giving you confidence that you will receive superior instruments every time you order from gSource.

Whether you seek instruments from our heritage German suppliers or lower-cost options, we have solutions you can depend on. With over 95,000 instruments in stock and readily available from our extensive catalog, we quickly and efficiently support the needs of the medical industry. We reliably serve ENT, General Surgery, OB/GYN, Orthopedic, Podiatry, Spinal, Veterinary and countless other specialty fields. We offer private labeling and customization of instruments to meet your specific requirements.


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As an ARCH Medical Solutions company, we leverage our 20+ Amerian-based medical manufacturing facilities to offer prototyping, made-to-order instruments, precision grinding of surgical cutting instruments, drills, reamers and taps, custom silicone handles, additive manufacturing and high-volume manufacturing of instruments and implants.

Your Challenges Are Unique.

Your Instruments Should be Too.

For 25 years, our team has been working with OEMs to modify our existing arsenal of over 4,500 instrument patterns to suit the needs of surgeons and their patients. gSource employs a skilled team of technicians, engineers, and quality personnel to ensure that every instrument is optimized for the task at-hand. From design to delivery, we have the expertise, capacity, and passion needed to meet your engineers on their dimensions, your buyers on their budgets, and your planners on their deadlines. Contact our OEM department today to get started with building your custom instrument.


An International Distributor

gSource provides high-quality surgery equipment to world-leading medical providers around the globe. Our extensive selection of tools for various surgical disciplines makes us a reliable source for all your instrument needs. We even provide prototyping and custom manufacturing as an ARCH Medical Solutions company. Reach out to our team online about surgical instruments from gSource.

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