Quality Policy

gSource Quality Policy

We ensure that gSource products consistently meet relevant and applicable requirements and specifications and we strive to provide outstanding service to our external and internal customers.

Top management ensures its commitment to comply with relevant and applicable requirements and to maintain the effectiveness of the gSource Quality Management System.

gSource Verified Quality

Our gS logo is a symbol for Verified Quality. This mark is proof of a lifetime guarantee.

Every gSource instrument must pass detailed Quality Assurance (QA) tests before it can be sold.
Instruments are tested for:

  • Material
  • Workmanship
  • Function
  • Pattern Consistency
  • Critical Dimensions

We perform the following QA tests to ensure that every instrument we sell will perform its function during critical surgical procedures.

Surface Inspection

All instruments are visually inspected for defects in material and surface finish.  They must have a flawless satin finish and be free of excess lubricants and foreign substances.

Dimensions Verified

Critical dimensions are measured with calipers, micrometers, or other specialty gauges and compared to technical drawings or gSource catalog descriptions.  To ensure pattern consistency selected instruments are compared to inspection samples.

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