Single Use

Single Use Instruments

Surgeons use single-use surgical instruments on one patient during one procedure and then dispose of them. These instruments allow for safer patient care and time and cost savings for the hospital or surgery center. At gSource, we offer a line of single-use tools at affordable prices so you can stock up on all the basic surgical instruments you use daily.

Single Use Instruments

Cerclage Wire 0.2mm x 10 meters 36 gauge

gS 79.2002
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Cerclage Wire 0.3mm x 10 meters 30 gauge

gS 79.2003
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Cerclage Wire 0.4mm x 10 meters 27 gauge

gS 79.2004
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Cerclage Wire 0.5mm x 10 meters 25 gauge

gS 79.2005
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Cerclage Wire 0.6mm x 10 meters 23 gauge

gS 79.2006
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Cerclage Wire 0.7mm x 10 meters 22 gauge

gS 79.2007
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Cerclage Wire 0.8mm x 10 meters 21 gauge

gS 79.2008
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Cerclage Wire 0.9mm x 10 meters 20 gauge

gS 79.2009
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Benefits of Disposable Surgical Instruments

Reusable surgical instruments have their applications in the medical space, as they are an excellent choice for more specialized or long-term uses. Single-use surgical instruments also have an essential place in surgery. Some surgical instruments are disposable for several reasons:

  • Safety: Patient safety is of the utmost importance in the medical field. Hospitals deal with many infections and sick patients. Using a tool on only one patient can virtually eliminate the risk of cross-contamination between patients.
  • Cost: While disposable instruments may seem more expensive, they come without the need for decontamination, sterilization and repair. These processes can increase the cost of labor for those who look after the instruments.
  • Time: Disposable instruments are ready to use right out of the package, as they are sterilized and individually wrapped. This feature makes them a convenient tool when you seek to save time setting up for surgery.

Your Source for Single-Use Instruments

gSource offers a line of general single-use instruments with applications across multiple surgical disciplines. Our line includes 25 tools sold at affordable prices while providing reliable quality. These instruments are offered in packs of 10, providing individually packaged and sterilized tools ready to use.

Here are the instruments included in our single-use line:

  • Iris scissors
  • Mayo scissors
  • Operating scissors
  • Metzenbaum dissecting scissors
  • Lister bandage scissors
  • Micro Adson tissue forceps
  • Adson tissue forceps
  • Adson dressing forceps
  • Mayo Hegar needle holders
  • Micro Halsted Mosquito forceps
  • Mosquito forceps
  • Rochester Pean forceps
  • Senn-Mueller retractor
  • Wullstein-Weitlaner retractor
  • Williger curette

Some instruments include straight and curved varieties or different lengths for different applications in surgery.

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We are committed to putting the finest instruments in the hands of your surgical teams. Over 20 years in the industry means we’re a reliable partner for your medical supplies. Here are a few other benefits of working with us:

  • Speed: We supply instruments in a time-critical fashion to meet your demands for tools.
  • Quality: Each instrument must pass quality assurance testing before we sell it for surgical use.

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