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gHandle 230mm for Safar Modular Mallet, Silicone, Green

gS 59.1801
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Introducing the Safar Modular Mallet

Our engineers were sent back to the drawing board to reinvent the surgical mallet in a way that maintains functionality yet introduces a new level of performance and usability. We’re excited to introduce the Safar Modular Mallet to gSource’s line of superior surgical instruments.

  • Surgical Grade
  • Stainless Steel
  • Interchangeable caps for weight configurations 8 oz to 2 lbs
  • High Quality Silicone Handle
  • Custom Colors Available

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Introducing the Alpert Universal gRod Holder

With its revolutionary grip accommodating rod sizes 03.5mm to 06.35mm, the all-new Alpert Universal gRod Holder sets a new standard for functionality in surgery.

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