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Scalpel handles hold scalpel blades to remove excess skin or make cuts in the skin. A key-slot mechanism keeps the blade in place during use. The blades and handles are available separately.

It’s important to buy a scalpel handle that fits your blade while providing a comfortable, secure grip. For example, some surgeons prefer slim handles, and others prefer round handles.

gSource scalpel handles are manufactured from high-quality German surgical stainless steel and are available in a variety of styles for use with different size blades.

Scalpel Handles Instruments

Landolt Scalpel Handle bayonet 10″, 5 1/2″ working length, knurled handle

gS 12.1760
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Replacement Screw – Scalpel Handles for gS 12.1604,12.1605, and 12.1606

gS 10.1605
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Scalpel Handle # 3 standard 5″

gS 12.1580
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Scalpel Handle # 3L long 8″

gS 12.1610
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Scalpel Handle # 3S mm/cm scale 5″

gS 12.1590
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Scalpel Handle # 4 standard 5 1/4″

gS 12.1600
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Scalpel Handle # 4L long 8 1/2″

gS 12.1602
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Scalpel Handle # 4LA long angled 8 1/2″

gS 12.1603
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Our Scalpel Blade Handles for Sale

gSource offers many types of scalpel handles, including:

bayonet scalpel handle has two sharp bends in the shaft. These bends help the surgeon see the operating site. The knurled handles improve grip when working.

blade remover, or blade safe, removes standard-size surgical blades of various sizes. Once removed, you can dispose of the used blades in a sharps container. Using the remover device is safer and more efficient than doing the task by hand. At only 2 1/2 inches wide, this tool can fit on the instrument tray within the operating room for convenient use.

Landolt scalpel handle is a round, bayonet-shaped instrument. It grasps micro scalpel blades, including #62, #64, #65 and #67, that can make incisions in deep tissues.

Scalpel handle #1017 is a 5 3/4- to 6-inch handle with a straight or angled working end. You can use this handle with blades #9 through #17.

Scalpel handle #3 is one of the most popular handle sizes on the market. The size #3 scalpel handle fits several scalpel blade sizes, including #10 and #15. We have standard 5-inch lengths and extra-long models at 12 inches.

Scalpel handle #3K is a micro handle between 4 and 6 inches long. This tool is best for making surgical incisions, cutting gingival tissue and holding micro mirrors.

Scalpel handle #3XL is a longer version of scalpel handle #3 at 10 or 12 inches long. It is compatible with the same blades as the #3 handle, including #10, #11, #12 and #15.

Scalpel handle #4 is another popular scalpel handle. It fits common blade sizes like #18, #23, #25, #36 and many more.

Scalpel handle #7 is a small handle for delicate surgeries like microdissection and ophthalmology. It is compatible with small, pointed blades like #10 through #15.

The Siegel scalpel handle is a round handle for delicate surgeries and dissections. The grip is tapered and knurled for a comfortable and secure grip. We offer straight or angled options, both 6 inches long.

An Ulrich Fistula knife is a scalpel handle for microsurgeries like tissue dissection. The small blade and thin handle allow precise cuts in narrow operating sites.

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