Arthroscopy Instruments

gSource arthroscopy instruments are crafted from high-quality German surgical stainless steel and have a low-profile working end to fit in tight joint spaces. They offer precise cutting and resection control during minimally invasive procedures.

Arthroscopy Instruments

Banana Knife 9 1/2″, serrated cutting edges, triangular handle

gS 30.0300
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Banana Knife 9 1/2″, smooth cutting edges, triangular handle

gS 30.0310
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Banana Knife 9″, serrated cutting edges, shaft only for detachable handle 30.2400

gS 30.2415
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Banana Knife 9″, smooth cutting edges, shaft only for detachable handle gS 30.2400

gS 30.2420
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Bayonet Knife 9 1/2″, triangular handle

gS 30.0200
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Biopsy Spoon Forceps 5 1/2″ shaft, straight, diameter 3.5mm, 3.5mm bite, ratchet

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Cartilage File 9 1/2″, coarse cross serrated, triangular handle

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Cartilage File 9″, coarse cross serrated, shaft only for detachable handle gS 30.2400

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Our Selection of Arthroscopy Instruments

At gSource, we carry a range of globally sourced premium arthroscopy instruments, including:

Basket Forceps

Basket forceps allow for easy grasping, retrieval and removal of various-sized stones. The instruments are especially effective for removing small stones during arthroscopic procedures.

Biopsy Forceps

Biopsy forceps help surgeons obtain tissue samples for diagnosis. These surgical tools have an excellent grip to grasp and move tissue during a diagnostic procedure.

Cartilage File

Our cartilage files have triangular handles and cross-serrated tips suitable for intricate surgical procedures. Our selection includes fine and coarse options.


A curette is a small hand tool used to scrape and remove foreign matter or tissue to obtain samples for diagnosis. The edges are designed for precision cutting, scraping, cleaning and excision of biological tissue.

Curette Ring

These surgical arthroscopy instruments feature a ring at the tip and have straight and slightly angled designs. A curette ring is used to extract excess tissue during biopsies. It also comes in handy for cleaning procedures since it allows surgeons to scrape the debris from the tissue.

Grasping Forceps

Grasping forceps hold and move tissue during arthroscopy procedures. The instruments are also excellent for grasping and retrieving stones and other foreign matter.


Surgical handles make instruments more comfortable and easy to use, enhancing precision and control. The thoughtfully designed handles are detachable and can be used on various types of arthroscopy instruments, such as curette rings or knives.

Hook Probe

hook probe lifts and retracts tissue during arthroscopic surgery. The dual-action instrument features a hook-shaped tip that allows surgeons to manipulate biological matter with excellent precision.

Hook Punch

In arthroscopic applications, hook punch instruments are used for various procedures, including biopsy, joint debridement and removing loose bodies.


Arthroscopic knife instruments come in multiple variations, including scalpel, banana, bayonet, hook and retrograde knives. Depending on the make of the knife, these knives can be ideal for accessing central and peripheral compartments or tissue resection.


Surgeons use meniscotome instruments to treat issues with the meniscus, a piece of cartilage on the knee. The instruments are designed to remove or repair the meniscus through a minimally invasive procedure.


Punch instruments are designed for precision in arthroscopic procedures. The tools are especially useful for small joint injuries.


A rasp extracts loose materials in the joints, from cartilage to meniscal fragments. It also shapes or trims the bone surface inside the knee.


Arthroscopic scissors have many uses, including cutting and trimming tissue within the joint.

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