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Nail nippers cut nails and remove dead or soft tissues, such as damaged cuticles, nail edges, ulcers, warts, scabs, splinters and callouses. These instruments help surgeons trim nails while allowing proper coverage to protect the delicate skin underneath. Podiatrists, chiropractors, estheticians, pedicurists and other professionals use nail nipper tools to safely and hygienically remove materials from a patient’s body.

gSource nail nippers are crafted from high-quality German surgical stainless steel. They are ergonomically designed for optimal comfort and performance when used for cutting nails and removing dead areas of soft tissue around the nails. Our nail nippers are available in various sizes and patterns, so you can select a model appropriate for your use.

Nail Nippers Instruments

Cuticle Nipper 3″ ring handle 6mm stainless steel

gS 77.3708
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Cuticle Nipper 4″ ring handle 5mm stainless steel

gS 77.3710
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gNail Nipper, Somdahl 5 1/2″, angled, concave, leaf spring, locking clip, knurled handle

gS 77.5401
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Hangnail Nipper 5 1/2″, curved, concave, smooth handles

gS 77.5600
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Mycotic Nail Nipper 4 3/4″ concave, barrel spring

gS 77.5440
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Mycotic Nail Nipper 4 3/4″ straight, barrel spring

gS 77.5442
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Mycotic Nail Nipper 6″ angled concave, barrel spring

gS 77.5464
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Mycotic Nail Nipper 6″ concave, barrel spring

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Our Nail Nipper Tools

Our wide selection of nail nippers includes:

The nail nippers from gSource are designed for various nail and tissue removal applications. Our nail nipper models each have unique features and vary in these ways:

  • Lengths: Our nail nipper devices range between 4 1/2 to 6 inches long. The necessary length for a procedure depends on the area of the body being treated.
  • Blades: The nipper blades are angled or straight, allowing you to access the nail or tissue from different sides and angles.
  • Jaws: Nail nipper jaws are concave or straight. These designs allow you to remove thick nail and tissue materials with ease. The jaws are expertly aligned and sharpened, enabling an effortless cutting action.
  • Springs: Leaf or barrel springs enable controlled jaw movement when cutting material. Control is essential for facilitating precise movements and avoiding unintentional injuries.
  • Handles: Handle styles available are smooth or grooved, with or without a locking clip. The etched lines on our grooved tools can help surgeons keep a secure grip on the tool.

cuticle nipper trims tough cuticles and hangnails as well as fingernails and toenails. The smaller blades help with precision. Our cuticle nippers have 5- or 6-millimeter blades with ring handles for a secure grip.

Hangnail nippers trim hangnails and cuticles without harming the patient’s skin layer. The tip is wide and textured to help physicians maintain control while cutting.

mycotic nail nipper is useful for mycotic and onychauxis nails. These thickened nails need a strong and durable nail tool for treatment. Our mycotic nail nippers have a double-action design, which helps prevent hand fatigue while trimming.

Nipper spring replacements are available from stock. These springs fit our nail nippers and are helpful if your existing one breaks or is not working as it should. The barrel-spring action cuts through thick nail and skin samples.

Tissue nippers cut loose nails, ulcers and skin, and are most commonly used in podiatry. The sharp edges and spring-open handles help physicians make clean, precise cuts.

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gSource is a global leader in high-quality medical instruments. Our extensive supplier network, quality stainless steel metal and wide variety in our instrument catalog allow us to support many sectors of the medical field.

Browse our nail nipper options on our website, and place your order today. For product availability and specification information, contact us.